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Scholar of the Ebony Crown

Dive into the moving tale of Eddy, a little boy who discovers the meaning of loss and coping with emotions. As the Pusey family navigates life with their adopted nephew Eddy Trotter, the story unfolds into a magical adventure filled with illusionists, magicians, and the pursuit of understanding one’s destiny.

Facing challenges at the Soyinka School of Magic and Illusions, Eddy learns about his magical heritage, confronts a powerful illusionist called Ducksters, and discovers the importance of family and forgiveness. The narrative takes unexpected turns, with suspenseful moments and heartwarming resolutions that will captivate readers of all ages.

Join Eddy on his transformative journey, filled with obstacles, triumphs, and the magic of self-discovery. A.D. Hutchinson’s book is an exploration of resilience, compassion, and the enduring power of hope.

Signed copies of Scholar of the Ebony Crown are available. Contact A.D. Hutchinson to order your copy. You can also grab your exclusive pre-order copy of his upcoming sequel, Scholar of The Ebony Secrets Dungeon through the contact form.

Scholar of the Ebony Crown by A.D Hutchinson jacket cover paperback

An Educational Action-Adventure Book for Kids Aged 9-12

If you’re a parent, carer or teacher and you’re looking for educational new action-adventure books for children, then Scholar of the Ebony Crown by A.D. Hutchinson is the ideal choice because it…

Boosts Self-Confidence

Scholar of the Ebony Crown encourages reading and speaking in front of others to foster confidence.

Enhances Critical Thinking

The story’s complexity stimulates your child’s capacity for thought.

Promotes Empathy

The book teaches children to form their perspectives while respecting others.

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